Saturday, August 2, 2008

Pictures of my Office

I finally figured out that I can put the *pictures* in my actual *post*. Boy, nothing gets by me, does it? Sheesh....

Here are pictures of my office. Alicia from Spark People inspired me to share pictures after I looked at hers! Thanks, Alicia!

There is a view from the door, the corner where most of my stamps, papers, and other things are kept, close-ups of that corner. Don't ask me why I took close-up pictures, but I did and I might as well post them!

The other picture is what is behind me when I scrap or stamp. I can reach my pads, my pictures, some stamp sets, and have my Ipod Shuffle nearby!

I wish I had a really cool room *just* for scrapping and stamping, but alas- I must share this room with my Tastefully Simple business. I have lots of TS stuff in here, I just didn't take pictures of it. I also stamp my team's victory cards in here, do my conference calls, and work on my parties. It's a multi-purpose room! :)

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