Tuesday, August 12, 2008

More Chuck E. Cheese layouts (and maybe a SparkPeople challenge???)

Here are two more layouts I did about a week or so ago- I've just been too busy (lazy?) to post them!

Again, I know they are nothing spectacular, but honestly, they're done and that's what counts!

And hey... this could even count as a SparkPeople challenge! The pictures are older than a year! Or was it to use pictures less than six months old? Sheesh... you'd think the person posting the challenges would actually remember them! LOL


Michele said...

Hehehehe...I have this paper too and what is really funny that first page you did is almost EXACTLY the same as the first page of my Chuck E Cheese pages! lol that is too funny!

Denice said...

Seriously, who doesn't LOVE Chuck E. Cheese, even if it is a bit "Cheesey" for the adults?!!! Cute LO's, paper, and embellishments.