Friday, March 19, 2010

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Winter Layout

Blue's Clues Birthday Party layout

These are pictures from Kacy's *first* birthday! Her first birthday is FINALLY all scrapped! LOL

Ice Skating Scrapbook Pages

Here is the second layout I did when Kacy was ice skating last month. There is another layout, but the first page in that layout is one that I submitted to our LSS for a page contest! I'll post it when I get it back! :)

Roller Derby Queen Scrapbook Pages!

Kacy went to a roller-skating birthday party back in November. Here are the pictures from there...

Wedding Scrapbook Pages!

Over the last two Saturdays, I've been able to finally scrap all of my wedding pictures! Here are a few of my completed pages.

I would appreciate some good thoughts, positive vibes, and/or prayers. I can't find any of my honeymoon pictures, and I can't find an invitation from my wedding. I would REALLY like to find these things, so if you can, I'd appreciate any help I can get! :)