Saturday, August 15, 2009

Penn State Scrapbook Layout (Nittany Lion AND JoePa!)

I think the title says it all! We are HUGE Penn State fans, and Kris graduated from there, too. We took Kacy to State College for the first time last month, and no trip is complete with a photo with the Nittany Lion!

We were hoping for a picture with the Joe Paterno statue, but it POURED that day on and off. It was pouring the first time we passed the statue, but we circled around and by the time we reached it again, it had stopped raining- just for a couple minutes! But that's all we needed to get the shot! :)


Scrappinaway said...

very nice layouts!!

Denice aka Dedelicious said...

Great LO's! Love the paper, it gives your LO an "official Penn State" look!

Michele said...

woohoo look at you go!!! You are cranking out the pages girl! These turned out terrific!!!

vanron said...

You are so talented!! Love these LO'S!! Great job!

ScrapbooksbyKarrilee said...

OK - enough already... we know you are super busy and have like four full time schedules... but you MUST not ignore your adoring Public... we simply MUST have an update?! Something... anything... tell us about your business and the craziness there... or your trip to 'the shore' - shut up?! ...anything - a project, a recipe (Yes - there is a SWAP!?) - just give me SOMETHING?! LOL!

Love ya, Sisser!